Ouzoud-Waterfalls Day Trip

Ouzoud’s Waterfalls-height is  about 110 m (Ouzoud in Berber dialectic means Olive )

This waterfall is among the highest and most beautiful ones in the Middle Atlas


Highlights of  Ouzoud waterfalls- day trip :

– Discover  natural wonders ! Iminifri-bridge classified as Biological and Ecological it is considered as one of the most popular touristic sites in the region.

– Stroll in dinosaurs passage: You will  see the  ancient imprints of their feet on the scene! There are three kinds of tracks represented by various forms. Oval and large traces are those of a large herbivorous dinosaur heavy bearing the scientific name Bréviparopus taghbaloutensis, gender is Bréviparopus , the species is Taghbaloutensis, the latter name comes from the small hamlet that houses these traces, it s’ called taghbaloute which means Tamazight source. The other is a black-legged dinosaur (three fingers), his footsteps like bird legs, it is carnivorous, lightweight and good runner

–  Through olive trees, accompanied by our local – guide, you will  have the chance to spot monkeys more closely. Then you finish your walk directly in the bottom of this beautiful waterfall (100m high). Lunch will be served in local restaurant in front of waterfalls.

In the end of your day-tour, we will take you back to Marrakech.